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Labrador retriever puppies adelaide

labrador retriever puppies adelaide


Hair loss in the Labrador Retriever is quite common, so much so that it is considered a normal characteristic of the breed, labrador retriever puppies adelaide. But it doesn't have to be. Although all animals with long and bulky coats are prone to leaving clear evidence of their coat renewal throughout the house, it should not be a problem or excessive, and should not be considered as such. 

It is better to apply some prevention and analysis measures, to give your Labrador retriever all the security and protection he deserves.
The normal change of fur

At least twice a year, all living beings with hair and fur make a change of cover, even more regularly than that. Imagine that we humans have undergone an evolution that has removed most of our hair and body hair, and yet we still leave stray hairs in the bathroom drain, on the comb, on the pillowcase, everywhere. . 

Imagine how usual it is, then, that an animal that has its entire body covered with hair of considerable sizes go through a healthy replacement of the strands, to have a strong, warm or refreshing coat, according to the climate of the season of the year. .

There are breeds that are more likely to lose hair around the house. Those with a long and bulky mantle are the main ones. 

Among them, of course, the Labrador retriever is a common example of hair loss on a regular basis, but you must understand what normal hair loss is, an exaggerated one that can be due to a myriad of reasons, from medical conditions to allergies or dry skin , going through stress, poor diet, dirt and many more reasons, labrador retriever puppies adelaide.
Analyze your labrador retriever

You must analyze the behavior, behavior and skin of your Labrado dog, to find out if there are conditions that justify your pet's hair loss. Take the fur and gently pull against the grain, that is, towards the head without taking it out, but parallel to the body of the animal. 

This way you will leave the skin exposed (as much as you can), to verify that there are no flakes, dirt or irritation on the skin, the main causes of excessive hair loss in Labrador retrievers. 

If you can't see the animal's skin, or if you do and you notice scaling, dryness, irritation, or other problems on your Labrador's skin, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

A poor diet can also justify hair loss in your Labrador retriever. If there are no skin conditions that justify it, try changing their diet for a few days to notice the result, choosing dry feed of the best quality and specifically formulated for the Labrador dog. 

Often, giving a balanced food or dry feed of better quality or specifically formulated for the breed, not only solves the problem of hair loss in the Labrador dog, but also leaves it with more vitality, happiness and a healthy appearance. brighter and more youthful.
Care for a Labrador that loses a lot of hair

When there are no medical problems, such as diseases of the body, skin, stress or others, it is your task to give your Labrador retriever the care he needs to improve his coat and prevent excessive hair loss. 

Efforts will begin by modifying his diet, but you should also make sure to bathe him every two to three months, at the discretion of the veterinarian in relation to his coat, the weather, and a few other factors. You should consult the regularity of the bath or alternate wet baths with dry powder shampoos, to avoid causing fungus on the skin and worsen the condition.

On the other hand, make sure to brush your Labrador's hair at least three times a week. This will help free any loose hairs from your skin, preventing them from falling onto the sofa, carpet, or anywhere else. 

If you have a computer or car vacuum, with a soft vacuum (not the one you use to clean carpets, whose suction is too powerful) use it to remove dry shampoo and at the end of brushing the coat, to relieve your pet's hair and prevent dirt in the house, labrador retriever puppies adelaide. Thus, your Labrador retriever will be healthy, showy and shiny, with a fall-proof coat.

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