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labrador retriever puppies arizona

labrador retriever puppies arizona


The Labrador Retriever has a beautiful, thick, double-layered coat that requires some maintenance to maintain its shine and vitality, labrador retriever puppies arizona. 

Depending on the particular length of each animal, and also on its regular activities, this coat can become matted, accumulate dirt and, with it, leave the animal exposed to a greater risk of skin diseases, not to mention discomfort, itching, and also pests. like fleas and ticks.

Proper maintenance for the Labrador retriever's coat will include baths (with the regularity determined by the veterinarian, in consideration of the activities and characteristics of the animal and also the climate of the area of ​​residence), and regular brushing to remove dirt, hair dead, and help restore the shine that gives the animal a beautiful appearance.
Labrador retriever bath

The Labrador retriever's coat is double. The internal one is soft and more delicate, which gives warmth and protection to the animal's skin, and the external one, which is denser and fulfills an external protection function, preventing the regular humidity of the climate from penetrating, thus protecting the skin from the development of fungi but, at the same time, favoring that the dirt that manages to enter remains trapped there.

To bathe the Labrador retriever you must, first, make sure to wet its body completely, with enough water at a controlled temperature (it should not be hot, but not too cold either), going over it with your hand and bathing gloves against the grain to moisten its skin very well. two layers of hair, labrador retriever puppies arizona. 

This, in turn, will help the shampoo or soap used to effectively cleanse your entire body.

Use shampoos specifically formulated for dogs and, if available in your city, also designed for dogs with double coats. You can also use neutral white soap in liquid form. Apply a small amount of shampoo or soap and scratch with your fingers, stroking the animal and ensuring a good clean. 

Since the fur is wet and you're using a liquid product, there shouldn't be a problem getting it into his skin.

Rinse with plenty of water, going over it with your hand or with a toilet brush, and repeat the rinse as many times as you consider necessary to avoid leaving residues on your hair or skin. 

Dry with towels and, if the weather is cold, also with a hair dryer, so that the animal does not take cold or retain moisture.

Regular and basic maintenance

Two to four times a week, be sure to brush your Labrador retriever's coat to remove surface dirt and dead hair. 

You can use simple canine brushes, or trimmers that go over the coat, in the direction of the hair and against the grain, and that manage to remove deep dirt without pulling or cutting its fur.

After cleaning, bathing or brushing, you can spray the Labrador retriever's coat (well dried) with silicone glitter, a product for animal use that protects the coat and gives it a sensational shine. 

With these simple steps, your Labrador retriever's coat will be clean, silky and shiny, and – more importantly – well protected against pests and diseases, labrador retriever puppies arizona.

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