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labrador retriever puppies austin

labrador retriever puppies austin


They are beautiful, obedient, cunning like few others, and extremely jovial. Labrador retrievers are some of the most popular family pets, and they are a tremendous help to people with disabilities of all kinds, labrador retriever puppies austin. 

But there is much more that you will like to know about your beloved Labrador retriever. Here we tell you some curious, interesting facts that will make you fall in love with your pet even more.
Curious things about the Labrador Retriever dog

Are you looking for a "typical" breed yellow lab? This classification is held by one of the most notorious stud farms in the world: the Sandylands, from Great Britain, responsible for the existence of hundreds of world champions and outstanding stallions. 

If you are looking for a dog with great hunting skills, those who know the most recommend another famous kennel: the Ballyduff.

· Although hundreds of films around the world have used Labrador retrievers as beautiful and ingenious protagonists, one of the most popular is the tremendous and affectionate canine of Marley & me (Marley & I)… but in truth it is about images made at 22 different animals, each with different behaviors and ages.

· Brocklerhirts Floss, of Scottish origin, was the first Labrador bitch registered in the Kennel Club, under AKC registration 223339.

· On August 29, 2010, the firm Kimberly-Clark organized the longest dog walk in the world in Poland, where the street was dressed with no less than 700 Labrador retrievers.

· The farmer not only retrieves prey on land: in the 19th century they were used as collectors of fishing, since they are animals with enormous qualities for swimming, even against the current.

· The first recognized breeder of the Labrador retriever was A. Holland Hibbert, Viscount Knutsford. In 1904 his dog Munden Single was the first to participate in regulated field trials, and in 1905 another of his dogs, Munden Sentry, won the first Challenge Certificate for the breed, labrador retriever puppies austin.

· The beauty and softness of the Labrador retriever made it become the icon of the soft toilet paper brand Scotex (Scott, in many countries), used since the 1970s throughout the world. One of his most notorious examples was immortalized in a wax statue, which can now be seen in Madame Tussaud's Museum in London.

· Despite the power of its jaw, the Labrador is the favorite dog to collect game and fish because it has a unique delicacy with what it takes with its mouth: you could ask it to take a ripe peach and it would deliver it to you dry and free of any bruise.

· The original colors of the breed are black, brown and yellow, sometimes taking beige and reddish tones. Even if you cross animals of different colors, they will always take on these even tones: the Labrador will never have painted or two-colored hair.

· They were not always known as “farmers”. They were once known as "water dogs" and also as "St. John's Newfoundlands." It wasn't until 1887 that the Earl of Malmesbury gave them the name you know it today, and it wasn't accepted as a pure breed until 1903.

· Despite its docile nature, Labrador Retrievers can become stressed and respond defensively and aggressively. It was surprising to see a Labrador bite the famous "dog whisperer", César Millán, in the middle of recording one of his shows, at the beginning of 2013.

· Its use in security and rescue forces is not a coincidence: the Labrador has an olfactory capacity of 10, which is usually up to 1 million times more developed than that of the average human.
Famous Labradors!

The Labrador is a famous royal dog, since time immemorial. In fact, King George V bred this breed, whose specimens were proudly exhibited by his son King George VI, who also began to formally sponsor the Labrador Retriever Club from 1946, a patronage that Queen Elizabeth II holds today. Even both Prince Charles and Prince William have Labrador retrievers as pets.

In these times Anne Hathaway, Vladimir Putin, Taylor Lautner, Sting, Steve Martin, Sheryl Crow, Sandra Bulloc, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rod Steward, Jim Carrey, Penelope Cruz, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas, Kevin Costner, Jennifer Gardner, Julia Roberts, Enrique Iglesias, Elijah Wood, Denise Richards, Charlize Theron, Ben Afflec and many other celebrities have Labrador retrievers as pets, labrador retriever puppies austin.

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