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Labrador retriever puppies brown

labrador retriever puppies brown


The first decision we must make when we embark on the adventure of buying a baby of any pet is whether to acquire a male or a female. Also, when we are going to buy a Labrador Retriever puppy, we must be very clear, before going, what exactly we are buying. This decision must be as rational as possible, since we are choosing a life partner for the next few years,  labrador retriever puppies brown. It may be helpful for you to read this article that we wrote on the blog back in the day.

Well, then we must have already done some research on the character and characteristics of the Labrador Retriever and we are also supposed to have made the decision about whether to buy a male or a female.

how to buy a labrador retriever puppy
Tips on how to buy a Labrador Retriever

So let's go with some tips to buy the Labrador puppy that best suits our family unit because if we go to visit a litter without knowing what we are looking for, we will most likely make a clearly emotional decision, since they are puppies so beautiful that we are going to choose just for that. Let's see how to decide what is best for our particular case.
Choose hatchery

The first step is to decide where we are going to buy it. As the topic is extensive and very important, we are going to dedicate a post later to the choice of the Labrador Retriever kennel, but we want to make it clear that it must be a place with a certain prestige, where work has been done seriously and with great care. this breed of dog.
Check the health status of the puppy and parents

The most important starting point is undoubtedly the health of the offspring. To have good puppies we must have good parents, so their health is also essential. They must be free of problems such as hip, shoulder or elbow dysplasia, and vision problems. On the other hand, if we are very interested in the aesthetics and the degree of purity of the dog, the lineage of the parents will be key. The latter will be what most influences the price a priori in the purchase of our puppy.

Of course, dogs with the best genes in the world, if they are not fit enough, they can get sick. The puppy should be seen lively and animated, with bright and attentive eyes, and healthy and shiny hair,  labrador retriever puppies brown. It is important to observe the stools, which should not have blood and should have a suitable consistency.
Labrador calf weaning

The puppy must stay with the mother for at least six weeks, since what the mother transmits and teaches the offspring during that time is essential. We should not buy a Labrador Retriever puppy with less than that time. The dog's education begins with the mother, not with the trainer and not at home, just like his immune system that needs breast milk. If you have not spent the necessary time with his mother, there will be problems that are more or less serious.
All puppies look the same, which one do I choose?

Now comes something that many will find the most difficult, choosing between several puppies if they give us that option, how to do it? We will observe the litter and see how they behave. Here is the time to choose based on what we already have in mind. If we want a submissive dog, very lively, etc.
behavior test

In the Labrador Retriever breed, the dominant or alpha puppy, which is always a problem, is not so much. Since they are such sociable dogs and so easy to train, we can quickly make our hierarchy clear to them and cancel their dominance. However, if we are inexperienced and we are very calm people, let's look for another dog in the litter that is more balanced.

The more submissive dog can also be a problem. Very shy or fearful puppies as they grow older may even attack out of fear. Of course, just like with the alpha, this shyness can be resolved with politeness.

To see if that level of submission is greatly exaggerated, or otherwise almost absent, we'll run some tests. We take the puppy that we are going to acquire to a quieter place, without the other puppies, and we lay him on his back, resting our hand on his chest. An alpha dog is going to be very resistant to the position of submission that we are imposing on it. Another test could be, with the little one standing, we pass both hands under his abdomen and barely lift him. His feet will not be in contact with the ground. Let's observe the puppy and keep in mind that the alpha puppy will be very resistant to this position.
Campbell test

We can do some more tests like the ones that make up the Campbell test for puppies that they explain in this great video

Finally we will see which one we like the most, taking into account all of the above. Buying a Labrador puppy is simple if we go to the right place with clear ideas, everything has every process and rushing is never a good adviser. we wish you t's good luck with the choice of your labrador puppy!  labrador retriever puppies brown.

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