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labrador retriever puppies online


labrador retriever puppies online

The breed did not originate on the Labrador peninsula, but on the shores of Newfoundland in the 17th century. They were trained to carry the nets to the fishermen through the icy waters and, in the early 19th century, they reached Poole Harbour, Great Britain. They were so beautiful that the fishermen were showered with offers from the English to buy them. 

The breed was immediately adapted to shotgun hunting, labrador retriever puppies online. The Earl of Malmesbury fell in love with these dogs, known at the time as St. John's Water Dogs, and began to breed them under the name Labrador.

The Labrador is, without a doubt, one of the three favorite breeds when choosing a pet for the family... as long as you like to exercise, of course. They are affable, calm and affectionate with everyone. They are sociable and flexible animals that get along well with other animals and with children, with whom they show patience and indulgence. 

Even so, it is advisable not to abuse it to the extreme. They are enormously faithful and love to feel included in the family, at all levels. They will bark to warn of strangers, but will greet them with open arms.

As with many breeds, the Labrador can suffer from various hereditary eye disorders, hip and elbow dysplasia (a condition that can cause mobility problems). Therefore, an examination of the hips and eyes is important before putting the dog into breeding, labrador retriever puppies online.

The Labrador adapts very well to the amount of time you can dedicate to physical exercise, but remember that the ideal for a healthy adult is a couple of hours a day. He loves going for long walks and running and playing off-leash. It loves to fetch objects and also water, so be careful around it to ensure the dog's safety. They tend to gain weight, but this is usually due to lack of exercise and their love of food.

Large breed dogs, in addition to having big appetites, require a different balance of nutrients, including minerals and vitamins, than smaller dogs. The Labrador is prone to bloating and other stomach problems; smaller and more frequent meals could minimize the risk.

His coat does not require great care. The coat is thick and dense, with a waterproof undercoat; A weekly brushing and a little more attention during the moulting season will suffice.
Best dog breeds for children

Although many dogs are traditionally believed to be good with children, all dogs and children need to be taught to get along and respect each other in order to be safe. Still, dogs and young children should never be left alone, and adults should supervise all interactions between them, labrador retriever puppies online.

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