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labrador retriever puppies price

labrador retriever puppies price


The arrival of a new puppy is fun, but all the accessories for puppies can end up being expensive. Fortunately, some of the most important purchases can be borrowed from friends or bought secondhand, labrador retriever puppies price.

We have put together a list of the most important things to buy for your Labrador puppy.

    dog fences
    A crate for puppies
    Labrador car cages
    toys for labrador puppies
    A radio
    puppy harness
    a clicker
    Dog whistle

dog fences

Baby gates are used to keep small puppies out of certain areas of your home. A baby gate that restricts the pup to rooms with parquet floors. It will also prevent your pup from getting hurt on the stairs or playing unsupervised on your rugs.

A crate for puppies

A puppy crate serves to create a safe place for your puppy. It prevents it from hurting itself when you can't keep an eye on it (while it sleeps, for example) and helps you train it.

You need a small drawer, or a large drawer with a partition inside. The crate should be small so that the puppy feels safe and secure, and so that it doesn't camp out at one end and use the other as a bathroom. You can find many ideas and suggestions for puppy cages here.

If you're not sure if you need a crate or how to use one, read this article: Benefits of Dog Crate, labrador retriever puppies price.

A plastic carrier with a handle will get your puppy through the first few weeks.

But as it gets heavier and bites better, you'll need a solid, sturdy cage.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the car. And also some alternatives like seat belts for dogs and spacers for cars.

A fleece veterinary bed for dogs is an ideal bed for puppies.

You can line your bed and car drawer with it. Buy several pieces so you can throw one in the washing machine when it gets dirty or if you have an accident.

There are plenty of nice beds you can get to roam around the house, but in those early days, the vet's bed is an essential alternative to keeping his cage comfortable and clean.

Puppy toys should be sturdy.

Many puppies destroy soft toys very quickly, so as adorable as they are, you may not be able to resist buying one or two.

Kongs and wind-up toys are very tough and seem to survive being attacked by the pups' teeth. You can find our favorites here: The Best Toys for Labradors
A radio
A radio

If you want your pup to sleep alone in the kitchen the first night, it may be worth leaving a radio next to his crate.

A simple and cheap portable radio with the volume turned down can serve the same purpose as human company. This helps you feel less alone during the first few nights when you may miss home.
puppy harness

There's no rush for this, but when your pup is too heavy to carry, and gets out and walks on the ground, he needs some kind of safety restraint.

Nowadays I usually recommend the use of a harness, since it avoids pulling on the puppy's neck. The type where the lead is attached at the front and back is ideal.

A review of the top harness brands by a professional trainer can be found here.

When she is older and has learned to walk beside you, you can buy her a necklace. We have some suggestions in our article on the best collars and leashes for Labradors, labrador retriever puppies price.
a clicker

A clicker is used as a "behavior reinforcer."

So that your puppy knows that he has done something that you like. This is a very useful tool to help you teach your puppy to sit and learn simple skills.

You can buy a basic and cheap clicker, you don't need anything fancy. This will make training your puppy much faster, easier and more fun.

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