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Beauceron Temperament Dog

Beauceron temperament Area of Origin: France Date of origin: 1500 Original function: Shepherd, Guard, Today's feature: Pastor guard, Height at the cross: from 65 to 70 cm in males and from 61 to 68 cm in females Weight: between 40 and 50 kg males and between 30 and 40 kg females Other Name: Berger de Beauce, Bas-Rouge, Pastor of Beauce History of the Beauceron The Beauceron is a breed of dog totally French, which goes back to the end of 1500. It originated in the area of the plains surrounding Paris, known as the Beauce, beauceron temperament. It is the largest of the French shepherd Dogs; it was used as a farm dog of various uses, of driving and protection of the sheep and, sometimes, the cattle, and the protection of his family. In 1863, two types of plains, shepherds and guard dogs were differentiated: the long-haired Berger de Brie (Briar) and the short hair Berger de Beauce (Beauceron). The Central Canine Societ

Beauceron Characteristics and Temperament

Beauceron characteristics  - although the official name of the breed is pastor of Beauce, or Beauceron, it is also popularly known as "Bas Rouge", i.e. "Red Sox", by the color fire of the end of their legs. It is a breed of sheepdog very popular in France, although its presence is growing in many other countries because of its undeniable aptitudes. A fantastic mascot and pet, versatile, elegant, noble and faithful. At we explain everything about the Beauceron or Pastor of Beauce. Features of the Beauceron This race was developed in the plains of the central area of France, between the valleys of the Loire and the Seine. In its origin was a large and strong shepherd dog, trained to drive flocks at great distances, beauceron characteristics, but has been adapting to modern times to become an extraordinary dog company versatile, loyal, noble and elegant. Beauceron Features Nowadays it is easy to find beaucerone doing d

Beauceron Dog Breed Info

Beauceron dog breed  - this small great giant comes from the French meadows, where he practiced as herd keeper until when the war came they turned him into a soldier. After the war years, he has remained one of the best guard and defense dogs, given his character, strength and size. The Beauceron is not a dog to have flat, needs a large space where you can spend all your energy and move to your free will. The physical aspect of the adult Beauceron really imposes has a cross of 65 to 70 centimeters, short and thick hair, usually black and dark brown or fire, beauceron dog breed. Tail drop to hocks, round eyes and always dark, athletic and strong comprehension, is a sturdy dog. Its weight is usually around between 40 and 50 kg, it is a very muscular dog. Main features of Beauceron dog breed The Beauceron or pastor of Beauce, was not born in Beauce but comes from France, where his ancestors were used as sheepdogs. It is said of them, that they were able to e

Beauceron Breeders Texas Dog

Beauceron breeders texas - the shepherd of Beauce, the shepherd of Beauce, also known by Beauceron, is a very old race directly linked to the primitive dog of the peat bogs; one could not specify which were the pairings to get a dog of these characteristics, since it was He has been oriented in his breeding by French shepherds for many years. The result is a rustic dog, strong; with a character that needs a balanced hand, not because it is a race of bad character, beauceron breeders texas, but because of its strength their size and the energy they have, that their behavior is essential. It is a very versatile race, beauceron breeders texas, being able to be a simple companion dog, to give maximum performance in police tasks and all this happening to be a great dog for detection of explosives and drugs, a large grazing dog, a fantastic keeper, etc... Therefore we can say that we find one of the most complete races that exist, we do not doubt that there may