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Bulldog - Characteristics, Personality, Coexistence, History, Appearance, Health, Photo, Video, Dog Breed

Characteristics and personality of the English bulldog dog breed They are typically low resistance dogs, have a sweet disposition, are predictable, reliable and excellent with children and only need moderate exercise. The English bulldog at a glance Wrinkles on the English bulldog's face should be cleaned regularly to avoid skin infections. Size: Weight range: Males: 25 kg Females: 23 kg Height at the withers: Males: 40 cm Females: 37 cm Characteristics: Thick neck, brachiocephalic (flat face), many wrinkles Expectations: Energy level: relaxed Life expectancy: 8 - 10 years Tendency to drool: high Tendency to snore: high Tendency to bark: low Tendency to Dig: Low Attention need / Socialization: moderate Hair: Length: short Features: smooth Colors: tabby (subtle "tiger stripes" effect), pinto, red, fawn, or solid white Need for general cleanliness: low Club recognition: Royal Canine