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German shepherd - Characteristics, Personality, History, Head, Eyes, Ears, Dog Breed

Characteristics and personality of the German Shepherd dog breed The German shepherd, always in vogue, ready and easy to train, is quite active and enjoys when he has something to do. Therefore, they need to do a lot of exercise on a daily basis; otherwise, they become nervous or highly excitable. The German shepherd at a glance The German Shepherd Dog Breed To avoid aggressive and overprotective behavior, it is necessary to socialize and train German shepherds from a very young age. Size: Weight range: Males: 34 - 43 kg Females: 34 - 43 kg Height at the withers: Males: 64 cm Females: 58 cm Characteristics: Ears upright (naturally) Expectations: Energy level: medium Life expectancy: 10 - 12 years Tendency to drool: low Tendency to snore: low Tendency to bark: low Tendency to Dig: Low Attention need / Socialization: moderate Bred for: Grazing, watchdog German shepherds reach a maximum of 65 cm in he