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Tibetan Mastiff - Origins, Characteristics, Behavior, Personality, History, Color, Care, Nutrition, Photo, Video, Dog Breed

Tibetan Mastiff Origins It is an ancient working breed of nomadic herders from the Himalayas and a traditional guardian of Tibetan monasteries. It has been surrounded by great mysticism since it was discovered in ancient times. From his mention by Aristotle (384-322 BC) to the famous writings of Marco Polo, who went to Asia in 1271, all historical reports praise the natural strength and greatness of the Tibet Bulldog, both physically and mentally. Even his bark has been described as unique and a highly treasured feature of the breed. The record of the highest sale for a dog of this breed is 1.6 million Euros, a dog named Hong Dong bought by a coal magnate in China. Prominent European canophiles from the past such as Martin and Youatt, Megnin, Beckmann, Siber, as well as Strebel, Bylandt, have intensively investigated the Tibetan Mastiff for being fascinated with its origin and function in Tibetan culture. It is considered to be the breed from which all large mountain breeds and